Why Timing is Everything When Scheduling HVAC Maintenance

Timing is everything when it comes to HVAC repairs because if you wait too long, you will be forced to pay more for the work to restore the system. The following information from Barrus Heating and Air, LLC  a long time Summerville heating and air specialist will give you a better idea why the HVAC maintenance checks are so vital to the health of the overall system.

Summerville HVACWhile air filters for the HVAC system are inexpensive and can be easily replaced by the homeowner, many simply avoid this task and wait until it is too later. If you are not visually inspecting the air filter at least every three months, here is what could happen. A clogged filter means more debris is getting past the filter into the house, but it also means that the system itself has to work much harder to move treated air around the system. That means you are significantly wearing down the unit and increasing the likelihood it will break down sooner.

If you are not scheduling your HVAC maintenance on a regular basis, a clog in the duct work could be causing severe damage to the system. Whether it is a trapped rodent, a clog or dirt or debris, or some other type obstruction, air flow is being restricted and the system is struggling hard to move air to the grills. A simple inspection will reveal that the air is not flowing property and can be easily fixed in a timely manner.

Within the casing of the HVAC system are a number of nuts, bolts, and screws, that all need to be secure in order for the system to operate correctly. If those screws are allowed to loosen, it could cause damage to the system while in operating mode. The HVAC repair technician will easily spot any look hardware during the inspection and sure up those connections so the unit is running efficiently.

Perhaps you think that you can just wait until the system is in need of repair and then hit the phone and a technician will rush right over. One thing to consider is the HVAC company charges differently depending on the situation and the time of the year. If it is the beginning of fall and everyone is turning on the heating system for the first time, these guys will be running around on service calls days and night. If you call for a repair now, expect to pay top dollar for the emergency call.

Make the call today and schedule your HVAC maintenance check to ensure that your system is working efficiently all year.