Website Offers Top 10 Boating Safety Tips You Need to Learn

Boat in SunlightLearn these boating safety tips and you will be in a better position to have fun times out on your boat with family and friends. It only takes one careless mistake for things to go bad real quick while out on the water, and things get further complicated when you don’t know how to react to the situation.,  a national boat sale listing site for  says to consider these 10 boating safety tips before you raise anchor and head out on your day.

1. Always bring along some waterproof bags or containers to store cellphones and important documents you need while out at sea. One severe storm and things can wet very quickly while on board.

2. Never head out for the day without a plan. Make sure that you at the least tell someone who will be staying at home where you plan on traveling. In the event of an emergency, the rescue crew can narrow down the search grid quite easily.

3. Be sure that you have a skilled mechanic checking the boat frequently. Your boat needs a tune-up just like your car, so don’t put things off until you spot trouble, it could happen miles out at sea.

4. Never mix alcohol and driving a boat. There are too many things that you have to be focused on to be drunk behind the wheel.

5. Make sure each person who is taking a ride on the boat is wearing a life jacket. If you are short, borrow one or buy more, never risk the safety of a passenger because of a shortage of safety gear.

6. Check the boat radio is working before you head out for the day.

7. Be sure that you have a first aid kit on board in the event a passenger becomes ill or injured.

8. Obey all boating signs while out at sea. If you can’t read them, then attend a boating class until you know the rules of the waterways.

9. Check your weather radio is in working order before you pull away from the safety of the docks.

10. Top off the fuel tank and then make a note of all the nearest fuel stations on your route for the day. You never know if one is closed or out of fuel.

Take the time to read over this list of 10 boating safety tips or keep a copy on board so you are reminded time and time again how serious you need to take things miles from the safety of the shores.